The Botanical Garden of Cartagena de Indias

Just 30 minutes from Cartagena’s downtown lies one of the most important and interesting ecological attractions of the Caribbean region. The Botanical Garden of Cartagena “Guillermo Piñeres” houses a collection of more than 300 plant species of the Colombian tropical dry forest and additional weird and wonderful ornamental plants from other tropical regions of the world. It also includes one of the last remaining virgin native forests in the region and is thus an important resource for the restoration of the tropical dry forest.

We count with 2 km of trails that cross the special collections of the Botanical Garden: the Orchidarium, Palmetum, Jacquin Garden, Arboretum, Serophytic Garden, Evolutionary Garden, among others. Furthermore, unique in the region, a natural spring provides a source of clean fresh water that runs throughout the year. This refreshing spring cascades through the forest and garden, feeding numerous plants, fungi and animals.

Come and enjoy our splendid flowers, birds, monkeys and butterflies, and be amazed by giant ancient trees and strangling lianas. Besides, during the rainy season of the year, an amazing diversity of mushrooms with incredible shapes and colors emerge from the forest. This Botanical Garden is an ideal place to meet and experience the fauna, flora and funga of the Colombian Caribbean!


Heliconia wagneriana


Our mission is to educate, investigate and preserve the Colombian Caribbean flora, fauna and funga. We aim to provide responsibly sourced botanical material for reintroduction and reforestation practices, to educate about the diversity and peculiarity of the Caribbean dry forests, and maintain a reference collection of herbarium specimens.

We also host graduate students to do projects on the local flora, fauna and funga, they have access to our extensive library on Neotropical flora, herbarium collection, research plant nursery, among others.

Opening hours

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We are open 6 days a week, including weekends and holidays. We are closed on the first business day of the week.


  • Guided tours
  • Bird watching
  • Special packages for groups (schools, universities, companies, tourists…)
  • Two auditoriums with capacity for 50 and 20 people.
  • Café and Restaurant

How to arrive?

We are located in the Matute sector of the municipality of Turbaco, Bolivar (Colombia), km 9 of the I-90 highway. 30 minutes by road from downtown Cartagena de Indias.


  • BUS: You must take 2 buses. The first one leaves from Bomba del Amparo on Pedro de Heredia Avenue. Take the bus that says “Ternera-Villa Grande” (COP $3,000) to the Turbaco bus stop (Bomba Petromil). Take the second bus to Turbaco (COP $3,500). Ask to be dropped off at the entrance of the Botanical Garden via. Walk to the entrance of the Garden, approximately 1 km.

  • TRANSCARIBE: Take the Transcaribe route to the “SENA Industrial Seccional Ternera” or to the “Bomba Petromil”. Then, take the bus via Turbaco (cost approximately $3500). Ask to be dropped off at the entrance of the Botanical Garden via. Walk to the entrance of the Garden, approximately 1 km.

  • TAXI: The cost of one way route is approximately $60,000 COP  (± USD$ 33–40). If you want the cab to wait at the Botanical Garden and return you to Cartagena, the service will cost approximately $150,000 – $200,000 COP (± USD$ 17–19). Total time of the service: 4 hours.

  • MOBILE APPS: You can request a service to the “Guillermo Piñeres” Botanical Garden from any transportation application (In driver, Uber, etc.).


Text and copyright: Maarten Christenhusz and Santiago Madriñán, Turbaco 2017